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A Brief Info about Us  

We are delighted to introduce you the travel agency, "Hamro Honim" located in Samarkand which is engaged with incoming tourists in Uzbekistan.

We would like to show you the beauty of our country, to involve you to the well-known world civilizations, to find reliable business partners.

Our main purpose is to tell you and your customers about the opportunity of discovering and wondering a historical and culturally wealthy heritage of the Great Silk Road countries.

Our company is based in Uzbekistan embracing the very central part of the Great Silk Road and is considered to be one of the leading travel agencies that have been operating on the tourism market.

Currently, we offer a wide range of tour packages, including tours of the Silk Road, cultural, religious, historical tours and exotic tours (including camel rides in the desert staying in yurts camp). All of these tours will allow you to see Central Asia from an entirely unique perspective.

We are able to provide your clients with the following services:

- Tours on exclusive routes

- Religious tours

- Hotel reservation

- Guide with sight seeing and interpreter services

Transport services

- Booking of the air and railway tickets

- Visa support


  Republic of Uzbekistan is yo­ung state in Central Asia became independent after disintegration of USSR in 1991.

The territory of Uzbekistan is 447, 4 thousand km2. The distance between south and north points is 925km and between west and east -1400 km. The lowest point is cavi­ty Mingbulak in Central Kizilkums (12m below see level). The highest point is 4643m in the mountains of Gissar range (Surhandarya re­gion).

Uzbekistan borders on the states Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turk­menistan, Tajikistan and Afghani­stan.

Capital is Tashkent. The state language is Uz­bek. Russian is language of interethnic dialogue of more than 100 nations and nationalities living in territory of' Republic. The population of Uzbe­kistan is about 25 million and the agricultural population makes 60% from this amount. In Uzbekistan there are 16 cities with the popula­tion of more than 100 thousand people. A level of birth rate per year is 450-500 thousand people.

The main religion - Islam. Administratively, Uzbekistan consists of 12 districts (viloyat) and Karakalpak autonomous Re­public.

Climate in Uzbekistan is shar­ply continental with cold winter and hot long summer. Average temperatures in January - 2-3 °C, absolute minimum - 38 °C, Ju­ly + 30+32 "С, absolute maximum 45, 6 °C. Average quantity of pre­cipitation From 200 up to 300 mm on flatness and up to 900mm in mining regions. Number of solar hours is 2500-3000. Uzbekistan is country of the richest history and motherland of most ancient civilizations. Here the powerful states such Baktria, Sogdiana, Parfia and Khorezm arose, blossomed and died. In the Middle Ages there was a center of huge Tamerlan's empire.

More than 20 centuries ago numerous caravans from China in Europe passed along the Great Silk Road. Famous all over the world sci­entists and poets: Avicenna, Alisher Navoi, UlugbekAl-Khorezmi were born and created in Uzbekistan. Thousand years ago in Uzbe­kistan fantastic cities with fine pa­laces, mosques, madrassahs, parks and gardens were built. Many of them were broken down, but the remained monuments of middle Ages in Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva till now admire. The nature of Uzbekistan is rich and different. The greatest Asian desert Kizilkum is situated near with ranges of Tien-Shan and Pamir, thousand springs flow down from mountains establishing the largest rivers of Asia, Amu Darya and Sir Darya, The lifeless steppes and deserts are replaced by oases, where grow cotton and fig. The green apron plains are surround­ed with ranges with covered with eternal snows. Flora and fauna is also very rich. More than 3700 kinds of plants, 97 kinds of mammalian, 379 kinds of birds, 69 kinds of fishes were studied. Uzbekistan is country with rat­her developed industry. Plants and factories produces airplanes and tractor, automobiles and buses, ma­chine for cotton and textile Industry, refrigeration cabinets and scroll bars. The country has developed mining, chemical and iron and steel industry (including production of refractory metals and alloys).








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