Lo! some we loved, the loveliest and best
That Time and Fate of all their Vintage prest,
Have drunk their Cup a Round or two before,
And one by one crept silently to Rest.

Khorezm and Qaraqalpaqistan

 Destinations: Nukus-Mizdakhan-Muynak-Chylpyk Kala-Dzhampyk Kala-Baday Tugay Nature reservation, Kyzyl Kala-Tuprak Kala-Kavat Kala-Ayaz Kala-Maly / Big Kyrkkyz Kala-Dzhanbas Kala-Koy Kyrylgan Kala-Guldursun Kala-Khiva-Urgench. -

Duration: 6 days/5 nights

 Day: 1

Meeting at the airport of Nukus. Transportation in hotel.Check  in the hotel. Sightseeing tour, visit of a museum of arts of a name of "Savitsky". Dinner. Visit of an Islamic complex of Mizdakhan. Return to hotel. Dinner. Overnight in the hotel.


Breakfast. Transportation in Muynak. Arrival in Muynak. Placement in the national house. Dinner. A sightseeing tour Muynak, visit of a city museum, a cemetery of the ships, a monument to victims during the II World War and the coast of the Aral Sea. Return to the national house. Dinner. Overnight in the national house.

Day: 3

Early breakfast. Departure to the desert through Nukus. Arrival and excursion on fortresses Chylpyk Kala, Dzhampyk Kala and Reserve Baday Tugay. Moving to the next fortresses: Kyzyl Calla, Tuprak Kala, Kavat Kala and Ayaz Kala. Arrival in Ayaz Kala. Placement in yurtas. Dinner. Excursion on Ayaz Kala I, II, III. In free time driving and walk on camels to the lake Ayaz Kul. A dinner in yurtas. Karakalpak folklore performance. Tea drinking at a fire. Overnight in yurtas.

Day: 4

Early breakfast. Transportation and excursion on fortresses Small/big Kyrkkyz Kala, Dzhanbas Kala, Which Kyrylgan Kala and Guldursun Kala. After visit of fortresses, departure to Khiva. Arrival in Khiva. Placement in hotel. Dinner. Free time. A dinner and the Khorezm folklore or theatrical performance in the Cultural Center "Allakulikhan". Night walk. Overnight in the hotel.

Day: 5

Breakfast. Excursion on Ichan Kala museum reserve Ichang. Dinner. Excursion continuation. Dinner. Over night.

Day: 6 

Breakfast. Transportation and a wire at the airport of Urgench.

Price  included: 

- Hotel accommodation and in a yurta,

- Food full board- Transport services in a route;

- Visa support;- cost of entrance tickets in museums and architecture monuments;

 - the excursion program with the guide;


Price upon request