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Russian "Aeroflot" said he was ready to open the road to competitors, companies discounters that sell tickets several times cheaper than the current ones. However, on their flights no hot meals, flight attendants and baggage they can take no more than ten pounds, and then - strictly in the cockpit.

If the system works, the ticket from Tashkent to Moscow and back will cost about $ 200.

To do this, in the words, the general director of "Aeroflot" Vitaly Solovyov, to amend the Air Code. Namely - allow sunk sell tickets, long flights without food and introduce a strict limit of luggage. It also requires that the wheel can sit foreigners.

Russia has already tried to launch domestic discounters. But "Avianova" Sky Express and left the market. The current airport tax them too high tariffs for the service.

"Aeroflot" plans to create its own airport for cheap flights anywhere near Moscow.

Experts offer use and military airports, which are usually located close to the city. For example, in Tashkent is "Chkalovsky".

Konstantin Teterin, former general director of airline RED WINGS, results is the fact that today the flight from Moscow to Ulyanovsk and to Boston - is about the same. And it is - normal.

- If you look at the growth rate of international transport, Russia is superior to all the world. As the experience of running here German discounters increased ridership. Prices have fallen, and the people departed, said Teterin.

Therefore, the current price of avibilety space is "merit" monopolist companies that occupied the most profitable international routes, and airport monopoly, warming his hands on "service staff."

And in life, there are other examples. For example, the British EasyJet has won the tender his government and will now carry passengers from London to Moscow for 6300 rubles and back.

EasyJet will fly from London Gatwick Airport to Domodedovo, the flights will begin in January and February 2013. The company will carry out 14 flights a week.

For comparison. "Aeroflot" and "Transaero" offer tickets on this route is twice as expensive.

EasyJet - the second largest in Europe. Route network - for 30 countries. From London, she flies to Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and Turkey.

For example, the price of a flight from London to Istanbul (this route is comparable with Moscow) will start from 26.99 pounds. True, will pay another 9-14 pounds in a transaction with a bank card. Transportation of luggage will cost 15 pounds. Choosing a location is 3 pounds. Naturally, the food on the plane, if you want to eat, will also be paid.

Our own native passenger airlines continue to stuff chicken in foil and shear.