Lo! some we loved, the loveliest and best
That Time and Fate of all their Vintage prest,
Have drunk their Cup a Round or two before,
And one by one crept silently to Rest.

Shrine of ancient cities

 Destinations: Tashkent-Bukhara -Samarkand.


6 days/5 of nights


Day 1. Tashkent

 Arrival to Tashkent a meeting of tourists at the airport. 

Check in the  hotel. A dinner at local restaurant. Overnight.


Day 2.Tashkent- Bukhara 

Arrival. Transfer to hotel. Breakfast in hotel. Excursion. Complex"Lyabi Haus" (14-17 centuries), Fortress "Ark",Samanids' Mausoleum (9-10 centuries), "Chashma-i Ayub" (a sacred source), mosque "Bolo-House" (beginning 20 century), trading domes the Architectural complex Lyabi-House (16-17 centuries) the Architectural complex "Poi Kalon": active madrasah the Mir-i-Arab (16 century), the active Friday mosque "Kalyan" (16 century), minaret "Kalyan" (12 century).


- monuments, architectural constructions, sacred burials:


Sacred burials Abu Hafs Kabir (Hazrati Imam) - the teacher and the instructor of Imam al - Bukhara Pushtayi Hazrati Yim (Pushtayi Hadrati the Imam) the IX-XXI centuries. One of the most ancient and popular Muslim cemeteries. The popular theologian, the native of Bukhara is called by name. It was formed soon after a city gain by Arabs, at the first Namazgakh Bukhary's based at the beginning of the VIII century by the Arab commander Kutayba bin Muslim northern region.


Sacred burials Peary Dastgir - burial Sheikh Mukhiddin Abd al Kadyr al-Jilani (1077/472-1166/561), the founder of the award "kadyriya"


Khodje Parsa's sacred burials. It is connected with a name a sufiya - successor of  Bakhauddin Nakshbandiy. The author of many books about  the biography of sheikh Bakhauddin Nakshbandiy. Dinner during excursion. Excursion continuation.


Dinner in ancient madrasah «Nodir Divanbegi» and a folklore concert (a building of the 16th century) one of the most beautiful and richly decorated madrasahs. During a dinner you can take pleasure in performance of the national folk  society executing national Uzbek dances  music. You also will see show of modern models of clothes with national elements from handwork fabrics, performed by theater of fashions "Ovation".

overnight in hotel.


Day 3. Bukhara


Breakfast in hotel. Excursion «7 great sufies Bukhara», located round Bukhara. Visit of their graves:


Abdukhalik Gizhduvani (the senior from seven feasts consisting in the list of sacred of sufiysky tariqat of Nakshbandy)

 Khodja Mahomed Orif Ar Revgari

 Khodja Mahmoud Anzhir Fagnavy

 Khodja Ali Rometany

 Khodja Mahomed Boboyi Samosi

 Khodja Said Mir Kulol


Hazrati Bakhouddin Nakshbandi (there will pass a meeting with the sufiy - the Imam of the city of Bukhara, the author of the book «On a way of Tariqat)


IMPORTANT: For your information. Usually at or after a meeting with the sufiysky healer - the Imam of the city of Bukhara the donation in the form of "ram" or money (all on a miscellaneous) becomes. This cost we didn't include in program cost as it not compulsory payment of its work (a theoretical and practical training) but everything locals do a donation, even.  


Dinner during excursion.

Day 4.   Bukhara

Meeting with the sufiy healer.


The plan of the theoretical and practical training which is carried out by the sufiy healer:


1. Philosophical bases of SUFIY medicine.

2. Esoteric knowledge in the east. Secret societies of an antiquity and present. Their role in preservation and development of esoteric knowledge. Analysis of language of esoteric sources.

3. Practical psychology, concepts about conscious, subconscious, unconscious level of mentality.

4. Mental self-control and regulation.

5. Sufiy meditation. At desire occurrence under the direction of the healer in a condition of sufiysky meditation, or «a pure source».

6. Concept about bodies. The doctrine about a biofield, mitogenic radiation. Astral medicine: techniques, equipment, modern explanation.

7. Medicinal properties of spices and herbs. Their influence on power covers of the person. Herbs for meditation.

8. Management physical and other bodies of the person.

9. Development of the mental centers of the person.

10. Management of energy: accumulation and distribution. Its use for healing.

11. Sufism symbolics.

12. Zikr (meditation).


Dinner in thelocal restaurant. Overnight in hotel.


Day 5. Bukhara-Samarkand  (300 km, 4-4.5 h)


Breakfast in hotel. Transfer to Samarkand.


Dinner at local restaurant of Samarkand on arrival.


Sightseeing tour: "Mausoleum Gur Emir" - Tamerlan constructed for the beloved grandson of Temur Mahomed-sultan's the tomb. In an underground crypt three more governors were buried: sons Temura Miranshakh, Shakhrukh and his grandson Mirzo Ulugbek. (14-15cc). "The mausoleum Rukhabad" ("the Spirit Monastery") - a legend says that under a dome there is a box with seven hairs of Prophet Mahomed (14 c). "Square Registan" ("the Sandy Place") - a main square of Samarkand: "Ulugbek's madrasah" - Hodge Akhrar's sheikh and poet Dzhami were among outstanding graduates of madrasah (15 c), "Sher Dor Madrasah" (17 c, "Tillya-Kari's Madrasah" ("Covered with Gold") - scales of gilding of a surface of a dome, walls madrasah surpassed all known structures of Central Asia (17 i). A mosque bearing a name of Hazret-Hyzr - the legendary Islamic sacred and eternal wanderer. It was appreciated as sacred, capable to grant wealth, success in the distant countries and trade (19 in)." Bibi Hanym's cathedral Mosque", in honor of the senior wife of Tamerlan (14 c). An architectural complex «Shahi Zinda» (11-15 centuries) an imperial tomb Of Temurid's (there are ancient sufiysky burials), - the Memorial on a hill slope Afrasiab connect with a name Kusama Ibn Abbas - the cousin of prophet Mahomed (11-15cc).


Farewell dinner at restaurant. Night in hotel.


Day 6. Tashkent-Samarkand .


After a breakfast departure from Samarkand to Tashkent for a return flight. Program end.


Price  included: 

 - Accommodation in hotels, with breakfast;

 - Transport services in a route;

 - Air tickets Tashkent-Bukhara;

 - Visa support;

 - Entrance tickets in museums and architecture monuments;

 - The excursion program with the guide in Samarkand and Bukhara;



Price upon request