Lo! some we loved, the loveliest and best
That Time and Fate of all their Vintage prest,
Have drunk their Cup a Round or two before,
And one by one crept silently to Rest.

Spirituality, our heritage

 Destinations: Tashkent-Samarkand -Shahrisabz-Bukhara

9 days/8 nights


Arrival. Meeting of tourists at the airport of Tashkent. Transfer in hotel. Dinner at local restaurant.

Check  in the hotel. Overnight in the hotel.


After breakfast departure to Samarkand. Lunch at the local restaurant. Excursion on a city: mausoleum Timuridov the Gur-Emir, Sacred Daniel's tomb.

Visiting  Shohi-Zinda (the Largest sufiyskim tarikatom in Samarkand traditionally

The award of Kadiriiya is. Its main cult centre - memorial complex  Shohi-Zinda, the Live tsar. Remains  sacred imam Kusama Ibn-Abbasa - the cousin of the Prophet and as here consider, the second person in Islamic hierarchy) Here are based.

Lunch during excursion at national restaurant. Excursion continuation: Mosque of Hazrati Hizr,  mausoleum Imom Al-Buhari. Dinner at national restaurant. Overnight in the hotel .


Breakfast in hotel. Excursion across Samarkand: area Registan (medrese Ulugbeka XV century, Sher-Dor XVII., Tillya-Kori XVII.) Mausoleum and  mosque  Ruhobod (tomb sheikh Burhaniddina Sagardzhi),  mosque Bibi-Honym, Hodzha Abdu-Darun, Hodzha Abdu-Berun, Hodzha Ahror-bring down.

Lunch during excursion at national restaurant.

Excursion continuation. Dinner at national restaurant. Overnight in the hotel .

Day 4. SAMARKAND - SHAHRISABZ - SAMARKAND (110 km in one party)

Breakfast in hotel. Departure on cars in Shahrisabz through picturesque pass Tahtakaracha (height 1750м above sea level).

Excursion on city: portal palace Amir Timur of "Aksaraj" (XIV), the mausoleum of Dzhahongira (XIV), Ansabl Cook Gumbaz (XVII).

Moving to a mountain kishlak of Hazrati Beshir (100 km 1.5)

Placing in the national house, lunch.

Visiting of  mausolean complex  Hazrati Beshir, the follower  an award Nakshbandi,

The contemporary and colleague Ulugbeka, Ali Kushchi. Teachers of Mongolian governor Saida Dzhamollitdina.

Return departure to Samarkand. Lodging for the night. Overnight in the hotel .

Day 5.  SAMARKAND - BUKHARA (300 km, 4 hours)

Breakfast in hotel. Departure to Bukhara.

Lunch at local restaurant on arrival in Bukhara.

Rest. Dinner at local restaurant. Overnight in the hotel .


Breakfast in hotel. Departure in summer residence of Bukhara emir Sitor Mohi Hosa (a palace «the Star moonface»), medrese Chor the Minor (XIV)

Dinner at local restaurant. Night in hotel.

Excursion on holy sites: Hazrat Bahauddina Nakshbandi - the founder an award of Nakshbandiya,  tomb teacher Bahouddina Nakshbandi - Hazrat Saida Amir Kulola (Said Amiri-Kulol, potter is considered instructor-murshidom Bahauddina Nakshbandi).,  place of a burial place mother Bahouddina Nakshbandi, tomb of Bahouddina Nakshbandi (XIV-XIX).

Dinner at local restaurant. Overnight in the hotel .


Breakfast in hotel. Excursion on holy sites: cemetery Chashma Ajub (XII-XVI), an architectural ensemble Lyabi House (XVI-XVII), medrese Ulugbeka and Abdulazizhana (XVII) and fortress Ark (XIV)  mosque Bolo House.

Lunch during excursion.

Excursion continuation: mausoleum Ismaila Samani (IX-XVI), mosque Magoki Attori, great minaret and  mosque  Kalyan.

Supper in ancient medrese «Nodir Devon Begi» folklore concert (building of 16 centuries) one of the most beautiful and richly decorated medrese. During a supper you can take pleasure in performance of the national philharmonic society executing national Uzbek dances in live music underneath. You also will see display of modern models  clothes with national elements from handwork fabrics, performed by theatre of fashions "Ovation". (ON DEMAND)

Overnight  in the hotel.


Breakfast in hotel. Excursion «7 great suifiev Bukhara», located round Bukhara. Visiting of their tombs:

Abduhalik Gizhduvani (the senior from seven feasts consisting in the list sacred sufiyskogo tarrikata Nakshbandija)

Hodzha Muhammad Orif Ar Revgari

Hodzha Mahmud Anzhir Fagnavy

Hodzha Ali Rometany

Hodzha Muhammad Boboji Samosi

Hodzha Said Mir Kulol

Hazrati Bahouddin Nakshbandi (here there will pass a meeting with sufiem - the Imam of a city Bukhara, the author of the book «On a way tarrikata)

IMPORTANT: For your information. Usually at or after a meeting with sufiyskim the healer - the Imam  city Bukhara the donation in the form of "ram" or money (all on a miscellaneous) becomes. This cost we have not included in program cost as it not compulsory payment of its work (theoretical and a practical training) but all local residents do the donation, even. 

Lunch during excursion.

Meeting with sufiyskim the healer. The plan theoretical and a practical training spent sufiyskim by the healer:

1. Philosophical bases suyfiskoy medicine.

2. Ezoterichesky knowledge in the east. Secret societies of an antiquity and the present. Their role in preservation and development ezoterichesky knowledge. Language analysis  ezotericheskyh sources.

3. Practical psychology, concepts about conscious, subconscious, unconscious level of mentality.

4. Mental self-control and regulation.

5. Sufiysky meditation. At desire occurrence under the direction of the healer in a condition sufiyskoy meditations, or «a pure source».

6. Concept about bodies. The doctrine about  biofield, mitogenetic radiation. Astral medicine: techniques, technics, a modern explanation.

7. Medicinal properties  spices and grasses. Their influence on power covers of the person. Grasses for meditation.

8. Management physical and other bodies of the person.

9. Development of the mental centres of the person.

10. Management of energy: accumulation and distribution. Its use for healing.

11. Symbolics sufizma.

12. Zikr (meditation).

Dinner at local restaurant. Overnight  in the hotel


After  breakfast  transfer in the airport of Bukhara for a return start to Tashkent. The program end.



Price included:

01. Hotels accomodation with breakfast.

02. Luggage transportation at the airport and hotels.

03. Entrance tickets at an input to sights.

04. A meeting with sufiyskim the healer.

05. All moving / excursions.

06. The guide - the expert sufizma in Bukhara, separately in Samarkand and  Shahrisabze.

07. Mineral water every day (0,5) on the person.

08. Comfortable transport with the conditioner.

09. Additional cars in day-04 for excursion in Shahrisabz (to minibuses

It is forbidden to go through pass "Tahtakaracha", only in a detour that increases

Extent of moving to 2 times).


Price upon request