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Visa to Uzbekistan

All travelers, even those simply transiting Uzbekistan for less than 72 hours, must obtain an Uzbek visa before traveling to Uzbekistan. If you plan an overnight stay or have a long layover, you will need a visa to exit the transit lounge of the airport.

It is only necessary for citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, the Russian Federation and Ukraine to carry a passport (visa is not required). There is a simplified visa procedure for the citizens of Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States. To obtain a Tourist Visa, all other foreign nationals need visa support from one of the Travel Companies authorized by the National Tourism Company "Uzbektourism". Visa support application is submitted by the Travel Agency to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent. The approval period is about 7-10 working days.

The approved visa support is faxed directly to the Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the country where the traveler is receiving the visa.

Visa can be obtained in the Consular Missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad. In the Tashkent Airport visas can only be issued to those persons who are arriving from the countries where the Republic of Uzbekistan does not have permanent diplomatic or consular missions.

The Republic of Uzbekistan has missions in following countries: Afghanistan, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium (Luxemburg), Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, the USA, and Vietnam; and consular departments in following cities: Athens (Greece), Bangkok (Thailand), Dubai (UAE), Frankfurt-am-Main (Germany), Istanbul (Turkey), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Mazar-e-Sharif (Afghanistan), New-York (USA).

Visitors coming from countries where Uzbekistan does not have diplomatic or consular representation should obtain visas in a third country or in Tashkent International Airport.

Uzbekistan Visa Support

Our company is authorized  to provide travelers with Uzbek visa support if required, provided you purchase one of our tour packages.

Our fees for Visa support:

Individual tourist visa:

  • up to 2 weeks - US$ 20 per person (children under 12 years -US$ 15);
  • up to 1 month - US$ 40 per person (children under 12 year -US$ 25).

    Group visa (10 and more travelers):

  • up to 1 month - US$ 15per person.

    Transit visa:

  • up to 72 hours - US$ 20per person.

    Consular Fees

    Individual tourist visa: for a period of:

  • up to one week stay - US$ 40;
  • up to 15 days stay - US$ 50;
  • up to 1 month stay - US$ 60;
  • up to 3 months stay - US$ 80.

    For each additional entry the fee of US$ 10 is charged.

    Сonsular fees and charges for single entry tourist visa to Uzbekistan Сonsular fees and charges for single entry tourist visa to Uzbekistan

    Group visa:

  • up to 15 days for each person - US$ 15 (group consisting of not less than 10 persons, excluding children under age 16);
  • Group visa for 30 or more days per person - US$ 25.

    Transit visa:

  • up to 24 hours stay - US$ 20;
  • up to 48 hours stay - US$ 25;
  • up to 72 hours stay - US$ 30;
  • for Double entry - US$ 40.

    There is a fee for visa extension:

  • up to 24 hours - US$ 15;
  • up to 30 days - US$ 50.

    Please note:

  • tourist Visa fee for USA & Israeli citizens: up to one month - US$ 120;
  • Uzbekistan and Japan on a mutual basis issue Consular Free visas;
  • in addition to these charges are payments for actual expenditures. The extra service fee depends on the country the visa is issued (regardless the citizenship of an applicant);
  • consular fees are paid at the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistanor at the consular department.

    At the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan the following applications are required:
    1. Visa support (invitation letter from Travel Company);
    2. Valid passport;
    3. Completed application form;
    4. 2 passport-size photo;
    5. Fee, payable on collection of visa;
    6. Stamped, self-addressed envelope, if applying by post;
    7. Evidence of purpose of visit.

    It is possible to obtain a visa at the international arrivals lounge of Tashkent airport, if the following conditions are met:
    - in the country of origin of arriving guest there is no Uzbekistan Embassy and Consulate and
    - the tourist has a connecting flight to Uzbekistan, which does not leave him enough time to go to the Embassy of Uzbekistan in the second country from which he is flying to Uzbekistan, or
    - one is flying to Uzbekistan directly from a country where Uzbekistan has no Embassy or Consulate. Copies of airplane tickets (which prove the above) should be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tashkent together with the visa application form. If the visa support is approved, officials from the visa department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue visas at the airport.